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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know when it is time to come in for a checkup?

A: We recommend that patients with good oral health schedule a checkup and hygiene visit twice each year. If you need more frequent visits, we'll let you know. Checkups are important because, even if you don't notice any pain or problems with your teeth, we may find signs of potential problems. For instance, demineralization is a precursor to decay, oral cancer often goes undetected until the later stages, and gum disease can progress unnoticed. At your hygiene appointment, we'll clean plaque, tartar, and hardened food particles from your teeth. We'll also make sure your gums are healthy and strong.

Q: I avoid dental visits because of anxiety...is this normal? Can you help?

A: Many people fear dental visits because of negative past experiences or control issues. We understand dental anxiety and offer a solution to help you overcome your stress. With nitrous oxide (laughing gas), we can help you gain full peace of mind and body so that you can receive the dental work you need – and deserve.

Q: I would like my teeth to be whiter. What are my options?

A: We offer in-office whitening and custom take-home teeth whitening. Whitening can lighten your teeth from 6 to 10 shades in one treatment. If your teeth are severely discolored, permanently white veneers may be a good solution for you.

Q: I brush every day, but my breath just is not fresh. Is there anything I can do?

A: In your checkup, we can look for the cause of your bad breath, also known as halitosis. Some patients suffer from bad breath caused by tooth decay, gum disease, or a smelly substance put off by bacteria. With modern procedures and products to promote fresh breath, our team can help you regain your confidence

Q: How can I improve my smile?

A: That sounds like an easy question to answer, but it isn't! Your smile is unique, and we won't compromise your individuality with smile enhancements. Smile design dentistry done right requires an initial consultation in which we will discuss your goals, preferences, and options for care. Generally speaking, we may suggest porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, all-white restorations, and/or replacement teeth.

Q: My smile is missing teeth. What do you suggest I do?

A: You'll need to first schedule a consultation with Dr. Sheela Rupal. We can assess your oral health and discuss options for replacement teeth. In general, you can choose from crown and bridgework, partial or full dentures, or dental implants. A dental implant offers the most long-lasting, comfortable, natural-looking choice.

Q: When do you like children to have a first dental visit?

A: We want to see your child when they have teeth! Most children respond well to a dental visit around age three. But if you suspect or notice any problems with your child's mouth or teeth, call Erindale Village Dental to schedule a visit immediately. Sometimes it is helpful if you bring your child with you to a recall appointment so that they can see what to expect at our office. It’s important to establish a good oral health routine early.

Q: Does the dentist see emergency cases?

A: Yes. We will see emergency cases as promptly as possible

Q: Do you accept dental insurance?

A: We accept dental insurance and use an electronic billing system. For major dental work, we request a predetermination of benefits.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: For your convenience, we accept cash, cheque, and Visa, MasterCard, or debit.

Q: Do you accept referrals?

A: Yes, and thank you for your confidence. We appreciate your referrals and promise to extend the same comprehensive, caring service to your friends and coworkers that we give you every time you visit.